Avoiding Spinal Trauma is Possible


Over the years, many doctors have reported on when it is important to receive treatment for spine problems and when it can be avoided, and it can be. In cases, where spine injuries happen and the pain is acute then minimally invasive procedures are not always possible. At such times when death and life conditions are made, the opportunity of weighing the pros and cons cannot be afforded. You can however, reduce the chances of you getting a catastrophic spine injury. Here’s how:

Dodge distraction

One of the most common causes of a catastrophic spine injury can be a car accident. Of course there is no way of controlling how other drivers drive, but we have complete control of how we do. When driving, such activities as texting or phone calls should be avoided as these cases are on the rise. And even in the surgery room, its cases are on the rise, and the “I’m on the way” text is not advisable. Put the phone in the glove compartment of the car and avoid texting or calling whenever possible.

De-Clutter Your Domain

Especially among older people, the chances of developing a major spine trauma can be possible by tripping over such things such as a shoe. And it is not always the case that the fall needs to be from a height to consider them as dangerous as possibility of a spine injury. A hard-fall injury inside your home over something harmless can do plenty of damage.

Work Wisely

For some people who are in the field of work which can require to repetitively bend, twist and lift heavy objects throughout the day, can cause a degenerative spinal disease over time and may increase the risk of spinal fracture. For such people, who have to do heavy labor during their work hours, the need for safety first is important. You need to use and produce the work with the help of equipment which can save your life. Do not cut corners with scaling shelves instead of using a ladder.

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