Before and After: Preventing and Dealing with Back Pain


According to a study performed, it has been found that back problems and pain is the third most common reason people visit their doctor, behind joint disorders and skin disorders. Back pain can interfere with your life and prevent you from leading a full life as it depletes your energy. Whether it is a persistent pain in the lower back, shooting pain through your legs or muscle tightening, back pain really hurts!

The symptoms of back pain may be different, but the problem generally lies in one of the same, a nerve root near the spine is irritated. In about 90 percent of all back pain problems, a nerve travelling from the spine gets irritated or pinched causing the back pain, the nerves tense up thus causing the pain. The solution to the problem is to find why the nerve is irritated in the first place.

The spinal column is an intricate network of nerves, discs and bones. The spinal cord begins in the brain and runs down the entire back as it is protected by the spinal column in the back. Every movement and function is protected by the spinal cord. Motor nerves lead out of the spinal cord to control movement in the body while sensory nerves enter into the spinal cord communicating messages from the body back to the brain.

Together the motor and sensory nerves form 50 of the spinal nerve, which run through holes, called foramina, in the bones of the spinal column. Each one of the nerve has the potential to become irritated and cause back pain.

With all these delicate elements, the spinal column and the back is still the strongest part of the body. It supports you irrespective of whether you are sitting, sleeping, standing or walking. With all this work it is bound to get tired from all the over activity. Spend a few minutes listening to your body and you’ll be able to tell whether you are developing a back problem.

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