Tips to Protect your Spine in Warm Weather


When the weather becomes warm and sunny it is a real phenomenon that you would like to spend more time outside in the warmth and enjoy the sunny weather. Along with the benefits that warm sunshine brings along with bright weather, fresh air and exercise it is this time that it will be easier to tweak and sprain your back. Here are some tips and methods to protect your neck and spine while enjoying the beautiful weather of summer to help you become safer. 

Return to outdoor activities gradually 

It is natural that you may feel the tendency to overdo the activities during warm weather and strain your back, but it is better to gradually return to activities during warm weather. The muscles and body are not in the shape it is from not doing any activities during the colder weather so much so that the muscles have become deconditioned and therefore more susceptible to damage. 

For example, if you try doing some menial task around the house like tending to the garden or working on some yardwork don’t do the whole activity on one go on a single day. Instead of spending the whole day doing the work try to limit yourself to doing only an hour or two of yardwork during the first day and returning to it the next day or weekend. It is easier to enlist another member of the family or friend in order to share the load of the work and also the fun. 

In this way the muscles become conditioned and you become stronger and build endurance, listen to your body and adjust workload. 

Take Care while Travelling 

Whether it is a weekend at the beach, or going for camping for the weekend, it is important to take care while travelling. Travelling to your destination may take a long journey of travelling in a car, plane or train in an upright position which may tweak the neck and spine. Maybe it would be better to take a break every one to two hours or even walk up the aisle whenever you feel a little problem. This will help you in the long run. 

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